Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gym Fun

I rocked on up to Gym Fun this morning confident in my abilities in handling all three of my children. I did however misjudge the amount of supervision I was required to give to Trelise while she was bouncing around the equipment. I figured that the babies would be quite happy in their stroller sitting back watching their big sister. Of course they were not and I ended up carrying both while trying to guide what can only be described as a blonde rocket around the gym equipment. I took the camera to take some pictures and it stayed safety on the stroller!

I am exhausted! Trelise is NOT!


girlytwins said...

So funny. LOL. I can totally picture you running around chasing Trelise with a baby in each arm. Our girls were in gymnastics class last fall and I would be SO tired by the end of each class. I can't imagine carrying around 2 babies as well :)

Tracy said...

what happened to the joy of just letting your child run around by herself or with other kids while you get to peacefully watch. hasn't happened to me yet either!!!

Laura said...

I put my oldest Lindsey a little gym class at that age too. I was pregnant with my Jacob at the time. It was exhausting. Apparently every thing was meant to be done with an adult leading them and helping them. Crawling through the stuff etc while pregnant was terrible. Needless to say I never signed up for that stuff again!

Connie said... of those things that look great on paper, and then just suck....but it will probably get easier for you and for Trelise once she gets the hang of the place.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I'm tired just reading this! Carrying both twins is tough. Glad Trelise had fun though!!