Saturday, May 24, 2008


The end of this week has just flown by.

I've committed myself to Weight Watchers again. I have been struggling for the last couple of months now and have pretty much flagged the programme. Last week I met up with a couple of woman from my antenatal class and one had just joined up herself. So we decided to buddy up. Having a buddy has certainly helped my motivation. I weighed in and was up 1.9 kilo's which delighted me! Why? Weightwatchers has a new policy about wearing shoes and of course I had no idea so had to weigh in wearing my knee high boots which I know weigh well over a kilo. I've had cravings for toasted cheese sandwiches so I figure the gain isn't that bad really. I'm quite frustrated because I only have about 10 kilo's to lose and it seems like it is so slow this time.

We also had a visit to the Plunket nurse and the babies now weigh 7.74 kilo's (Madeleine) and 7.44 kilo's (Juliette) - they are tracking really well on the growth charts and are now only a small way off the middle of the weight and height ranges.

Then on Friday we had a visit from the Developmental Therapist who was extremely pleased with the girls progress. They are now pulling themselves up and starting to attempt to cruise around the furniture. Yikes - I'm quite concerned about how to cope with two walkers!

Now this morning I finally went for a facial that I had a voucher for from Christmas and it was wonderful. I do feel very relaxed and calm! Wayne took the girls to Yum Cha while I was relaxing and they had a ball!


angie said...

I've always wanted a facial............:)

Churchill said...

I find it ironic that I spend half my time trying to get my babies fatter and the other half trying to lose my own fat. If only I could give them those extra pounds.

Congrats on recommitting yourself to WW. I plan to do the same June 1.

Katie said...

Noone told me about having to wear shoes at the WW meetings! I havent been in ages. I am sure they have kicked me out by now!

Jocasta said...

They will always welcome you back! You have to wear shoes as well - it's both Aust and NZ! Even made the front page of the paper here - you would think that we don't have any important news!!

Good & Crazy said...

Okay, please define:
Plunket, Num Cha.

Good luck with weight watchers, I get varying feedback about it? Some say it's great and works so well, other say it just isn't for them?

Jocasta said...

Plunket - organisation here that makes sure babies are growing well. It's a free service and deals with anything baby related really and you have all the information you need. It's not really that exciting but they do weigh and measure babies and put the measurements on a chart to see how you relate to other babies.

As for weight watchers - I do love it. Works for me when I do it properly! I lost 30 kilo's the year before last before getting pregnant with the twins.