Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks Carissa

Thank you very much for tweaking my header - I love love love it!


Good & Crazy said...

You are welcome! Later today I'll get to fixing the size of it, --k?

After I take in two bikes, get TK to school, take in jeans to be hemmed, pick up TK, run to park for lunch playdate, pick up bikes, run to big kid school for 5th grade play, uh...I think that's it. Wait, no. Piano lessons. We hate Thursdays around here.

Shannon said...

I love your blog name and the layout. The name is perfect!!

Tracy said...

wow - I'm getting jealous - it all looks soooo good!!!
plus - forgot to add that it was so kind of you to help the clothing swap & finish sorting - that's a LOT of work!!! You go girl!

Good & Crazy said...

NOW THAT looks FABULOUS! I did it all with elements which I have taught myself to use in about 3 months. I have used it to help out with my kids' school yearbook photos, do a little design work, my own photos, and you can do digital scrapbooking. So far I have spent NOTHING on any digital products (there's a ton of free stuff out there, mainly it's not for use commercially though, but some is (those little curlyque things in the corners of yours came from commercial free--and a blog with ads counts as commercial).