Friday, May 30, 2008


I went to weight watchers on Thursday and lost 1.2 kilo's. It's not really that impressive as the week before I had to weigh in wearing my boots that are really heavy (1.4 kilos!) so making an adjustment for that and the shoes I was wearing this time (300 grams) I figure I only lost 100 grams but you know a loss is a loss! I need to do more exercise - I think that is my problem! Finding the time however is not so easy. I'm thinking that I might try running. Call me crazy but it would mean I need less time to exercise. I have a Mountain Buggy that is designed to do that sort of thing. So watch this space!

I had a phone call from Trelise's creche asking me to come and pick here up as they thought she might be unwell. Poor baby - the reason they thought that she might be unwell was that she said that she was cold and put on a jersey and then didn't take it off! Trelise doesn't like to wear clothes and she sat on a chair for half an hour without getting up.

I did go and pick her up and she was fine. Crazy old me decided to go to the supermarket on the way home with all three of them. Only because we had nothing in the house to eat! Trelise was wonderful - almost makes me want to take her back there! I hadn't taken her to the supermarket in a long time because she has a few habits which makes it impossible for me. Probably the worst is she insists on getting a basket for herself when she walks in the door. She then places it on the floor and runs - sort of using it like a sled! I end up running after her screaming at her to stop and also warning other shoppers to get out the way. It's a wonder we haven't been banned really! Oh why don't I just refuse to let her get the basket in the first place - anyone who has met my child will realise that this is just not an option! Then I wouldn't make it into the supermarket in the first place!