Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Thanks everyone - I did it myself. The background is from cutest blog on the block - I just changed the code so it goes to the edge - I was lucky with my guess as I really don't know anything about HTML! I did the header in word and saved it as a jpeg. I've been a bit frustrated with it because in the saving process the colour has changed a bit - I also think it's a bit flat.

I have been thinking about it today and I have some new ideas so when I get some mental space I might have another crack at it.

It's round two of gym fun tomorrow - wish me luck!


Tracy said...

I LOVE your design & the new name - so clever!!! You make it sound easy = wow - I wouldn't even know where to start!!!!!
Beautiful kids, gorgeous mom, wonderful layout - ahhhhhhh

Kim said...

I really like the new layout. Mine is kind of boring, I'm with Tracy I wouldn't even know where to start. The new name is perfect, it fits!!

Kim said...

I did attempt to change my layout, it looks better than before. Thanks for the idea and website http://cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com/ there's a ton of backgrounds.

Jaime said...

Wow! Good job! I would love to learn a little hml:)

Jaime said...

I mean html

Laura said...

I absolutely love your blog title! So cute! I love your new blog and header. Great great job!

Good & Crazy said...

I like the background. Not too in your face or distracting.

The name is great too.

Do you have Elements? You could make the header pop with that? I've helped out a couple friends with their headers if you want?

Good & Crazy said...

Sorry, another comment, I can't find your email address?

If you want I can 'steal' your header directly from your blog, but it would be better if you sent it to me via email (the best resolution you can make). And I'll make the colors more deep?

No worries if you'd rather not?