Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Girls

I never realised how much joy I would get from watching my children play together. When I was pregnant with Madeleine and Juliette I worried about alot of things (mostly that they were monoamniotic!) but I had big concerns about how my big girl Trelise would go from being an only child to one of three.

I wish I had known how much fun they would have playing with each other. This morning the babies instead of screaming at me like they usually do they were screaming for Trelise. Every time she tried to stop playing they would show there disappointment! I can't say I understand all the rules of the games they play and really to be honest there is often quite rough behaviour from all the participants but they love them!

My babies are really starting to be little people :( I'm sad at moving out of babydom but also looking forward to see how the personalities of my little people develop.

Jules my smallest baby is our go-getter. She likes to bang things together and pull things apart. Currently to Trelise's horror her favourite pastime is removing the card from the television decoder. I'm sure she is going this on purpose to get a reaction out of Trelise!

Madeleine is the opposite and is our quiet girl. While Jules is exploring Maddie likes to stay close to me and cuddling is her favourite pastime. Maddie is still unwell and needs lots of love and kisses at the moment.


angie said...

Oh, they are so cute, Jocasta!

Good & Crazy said...

Cool. My middle one was my smallest and also my go-getter. She could climb anything, and still does!

Enjoy that cuddly one. Hope she's well soon.

Threeundertwo said...

So sweet. My three always had a blast playing together. It is sad to leave babydom though - but great adventures await.

Rick said...

Once they start pulling up on things, it's over. You've lost control. Oh for the days when I would put my girls in one spot and I knew they would still be there when I came back. The youngest is 17 now, and she's always going somewhere.

Cute photos - just passing through.

girlytwins said...

I am right there with you on leaving babydom behind. I miss the baby days too but it is SO much fun watching my girls be little girls. They are such giggle bugs and I can't enough of that noise :)