Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is going to be a day when

I go an entire day without someone screaming at me

The television does not turn to disney playhouse

I have clothes on with no snot, food or other toddler marks

I can drink as much as I like and dance all night without having to worry about getting up the next day

I can leave the house in less than 2 and half hours

My lounge has no primary colours in it

Surfaces I wipe stay clean

I have a night sleep in my bed with just me and my husband and the cat

Making sure I don't run out of nappies and formula is the number one priority of the day

I choose a restaurant for reasons other than they have two high chairs

It will take me less than 15 minutes to go from the house to driving out the garage

I can open a cupboard in my house without having to undo a safety latch

I can have a bath by myself at anytime of the day

My handbag does not contain bibs, nappies, wipes and biscuits

I no longer have any reason to visit Wellington Hospital

I no longer worry about unaccounted for Hungry Hippo marbles in the house being a chocking hazard

People no longer stop me in the street to admire my beautiful babies

I'm no longer the most important person in my children's life

I finally get all my children's photobooks printed

I manage to get to the end of a to-do-list because I don't have any interruptions

My bedroom isn't aglow with a green light from the baby monitor

I don't have to rush to make creche pick up's on time

If I'm late making dinner no one cares

My cupboard does not have tiny teddies, chocolate yogurt or anything with cartoon characters in it

I'm not looking forward to that day


Erin said...

OMG aren't we all! (although my hub keeps telling me that if we keep having babies that day will never come! *wink)
So many of your "One Days.." are mine too! What a great post!

Threeundertwo said...

I'm still waiting for that day, although some of the things on your list have changed to other things.

I can relate to everything on there.

Stephanie said...

I love this post! Isn't it funny, some of the things that drive us crazy now, are things we will really miss one day soon? I was pulling bottles from the cupboard yesterday to put away....forever.....very sad kind of.

jenni anne said...

what a great post, jocasta! i get tired of being so needed all the time, but it'll sure be sad when they don't need me any more!!

Laurie said...

This is a great post. I will miss many things too, but I do have to tell you that I LOVE not having a diaper bag anymore! That I can live without. I many times forgot it anyways. OOPPPSSS

Connie said...

What a grat post, and oh so true. I feel as though someone is always needing something from me, and I am exhausted, and can't get anything done....I met a woman not long after my twins were born and I was in the mall, and she said her husband always told her not to bother about the screen door slamming because there would come a day when all she id was wish it would slam...and she said it is so true....and I try to remember it everytime I shout "Stop slamming the door!!!" Thanks for sharing that.

Laura said...

Thanks for writing this! Your words are so real and touching. I feel the same way, I really do! Great post!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

These were great! I would love to pick a restaurant for something other than their children's selections or the fact that they have highchairs! lol! At this point I'd just like a day where I didnt' have to change the twins' clothing twice a day. They're the messiest eaters!

Jaime said...

What a great post, Jocasta! All so true!

girlytwins said...

Wonderful post! I will miss those days too :)

Debra said...

I SO love this post. I always try to just make it to bedtime instead of trying to enjoy the moment. Thanks for the reminder!!