Monday, June 23, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that my children won't wear hats?

You would think that 10 month old's wouldn't care - that they would sit in the buggy looking cute (and warm) with hats on their heads.

Instead they roar like little lions and don't stop until they have removed the offending item. The time taken from putting on to removal is surprisingly short!

I am reminded of why I stopped going to playcentre. That revolved around a child refusing to wear a hat as well! I didn't feel I fitted into the whole playcentre world very well. Trelise was (and still is) her own person and will pretty much do whatever she wants to do. Now I know some will say that I should be tougher but in a head to head battle she pretty much beats me everytime. The pure determination and cunning of my pre-schooler is impressive.

Now it was cold and Trelise was wanting to play outside so as a caring mother I placed a hat on her head. Of course this was ripped off quickly. I could feel the stares from the other mothers so placed the hat on her head again with the same response. The third hat placement was it! The explosion of only Trelise proportions!!! She rolled screaming and frothing at the mouth from one end of the playcentre to the other while whacking her head and pulling her hair. Looking back on it now I'm quite impressed with her ability to do all these actions at once - I'm not sure I could!
Anyway I can still see the other mothers pressed against the sides of the room, all in silence and mouths open in shock, clutching their well behaved children!

So I did the only thing I could left her writhing and screaming while I got my bag and then walked calming over to my child and made my exit. The playcentre is quite a way from the road in a gully so I'm sure the screams were heard long after our departure.

The supervisor did come up and offer to help me once I was at the car. Sadly for me I was beyond reasoning with my child and was holding her down with my knee to get her in her car seat. That probably didn't go down well!

I drove off and as soon as I turned the corner the back seat was quiet. Little minx! No she wasn't wearing the hat!


Laurie said...

I have a child that sounds just like that, her name is Gabrielle. She is stubborn and determined and knows what she wants and when she wants it and noone is going to stand in her way. I know it can be embarrasing when people stare. I would have left too.
Sometimes it is hard being a parent.

Katie said...

That is the Trelise that I know and love! Not that sweet one that you often talk about on here.

Threeundertwo said...

Only one of my kids would ever wear a hat. The other two would act like I set their hair on fire. Some kids are just that way.

Funny description!

jenni anne said...

i'm sure all those "well-behaved" children have their moments! you did the right thing, though, just stay calm and remove her from the situation. she doesn't have to wear her hat, but she sure doesn't get to play with the other kids if she doesn't wear it! i'm sure it wasn't all that funny at the time, but your post was hilarious!

Debra said...


I have one of those kids too.

I promise it WILL get better. Not easier. But better. You can reason with her when she is older. My Emma is the same way. I put her to bed one night when she was 3. I sat next to her bed as she cried hysterically for 45 MINUTES. Then she rolled over looked at me and said "I forgive you mommy." WTH? I could have hurt her!! I did nothing wrong, it was bedtime!!

She is now 7 1/2. Still a drama queen, but it is better as I can reason with her.

Keep plugging along Jocasta!! It will get better.

I am going to try the Diet Coke to see if it helps Joseph! I'll let ya know!

Erin said...

But you have to almost admire the little ones determination! Once they hit that stage of Independence- there is no turning back. She is such a doll though! What a firecracker! :)

Connie said...

Oh I have 5 of those kids...and then one will go through a phase of wearing hats all the it really that cold? I guess it just wouldn't be worth the battle to me...