Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Week

We still have poo problems - I've stoppped posting about it because you will all be so bored with hearing about my girls bowel movements. I know I am!

We have had a big week so far with a neonatal visit. Maddie and Jules haven't put on any weight in the last month so they have slightly fallen on the growth curve. The tummy bug would explain it however so I think they are going to schedule another appointment sooner than we normally would have to make sure it's all well. I don't have any childcare for Trelise on Wednesday's so she had to come along for the visit. All was going well until a little voice said "I need to go to the toilet" I ended up rushing her out to the loo while the doctor was left holding the babies.

Lucky for him I came back!

Trelise's ballet class gave out a little report card for her. So cute it has the comment "Trelise is a very enthusiastic child who shows a strong sense of enjoyment in class. I look forward to seeing her progress next term and settle into the class structure" I'll be a bit sad to see her settle into the class structure as she is just so cute and funny at the moment as she just gets carried away with the love of the dance and goes off into her own little stage!

I went out and saw the sex in the city movie. I really enjoyed it and not just because it was the first time in a long time I had been out at night.

I'm really trying to organise myself better so my house is not so chaotic in the mornings. So far it's working and there has been far less screaming. I'm not getting out of the house any quicker but at least it's more controlled.

We have a dental appointment for Trelise tomorrow morning. It's her first one so will be interesting how she deals with it. Lucky Trelise gets to go to creche afterwards where they are having a clown come in to entertain the children as a special treat.

Last but certainly not least my poor Dad had heart bypass surgery yesterday. He's still in the ICU but seems to be recovering well. Hopefully he will be moved to a ward shortly.


Erin said...

honey honey honey... You are busy busy busy! I am so sorry to hear about the poo problems! (And yes *gasp* You've found someone not bored with it yet! ---seeing as I wasn't really aware of the issue But I will be sure to keep watch for it! *wink)
I will be saying some prayers for your Dad! Keep us posted.
Organization seems to be the key... so when you find out how to do it please let me know! *smiles*

jenni anne said...

yeah, you ARE busy! i love that trelise loves to rock her own party! i'm a strong believer that conformity is WAY overrated.

Threeundertwo said...

Thinking of your dad!

I have to organize things the night before if we want mornings to run smoothly. I don't always do it, so they don't.

Connie said...

I'm sorry to hear your poo problems are still going on...and about your dad having to have surgery. I'm glad he is doing well, I hope he continues to. Go job organizing at night for the next day!! I wish I was more consistent with that!!!

Laurie said...

I am glad to hear that your dad is doing okay. Please keep us updated on his progress. I hope you enjoyed your night out. Sounds like you did.

Stephanie said...

Hope your dad is doing well. I've been through that and a stroke with's no fun.

Funny about your dr.visit....we had almost the same happen last week at our visit! Luckily, the dr. wasn't swamped and was able to help me with the two boys, while a nurse took Vivi pee.

angie said...

Hope your dad recovers well and that your little peanuts put on weight! :) Love to hear what is going on. I love Trelise's teachers comments.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I hope your dad's recovery is going well. That must be scary! Have you ever seen the surgery done on Discovery Health Channel? Its really interesting.

I hope your girls put some weight on and all is well. I'm sure the tummy bug had lots to do with the no weight gain. They look great in the photos you post!

Trelise sounds like such a great kid. I agree with Jenni Anne...conformity is overrated! She should dance how she wants! Yay!

Jaime said...

Oh, I hope your dad is doing well. That is so hard!

Shannon said...

Oh the poops. Hope that clears up soon! Love that Trelise is such a little dancer...even if its to her own beat. Thats the best way to be if you ask me. I said a prayer for your dad that he has a speedy recovery.

Steph said...

I will keep you dad in my prayers , try to slow dawn a bit so YOU don't get run down there is nothing wrose then a mommy who is tuckered out! Have a good weekend

Debra said...

Hope your dad is healing well.

Trelise sounds wonderful. She will go far in life if she (and you) make it through the teenage yrs!!!