Tuesday, June 10, 2008


They look cute but they are loud!

There are some days where the screaming gets to me. I know that it's only a phase and it won't last forever but good golly our mornings are terrible! My problem is that whenever I put a baby down she screams. I've tried food, toys, jolly jumper and nothing seems to distract them. I end up having to listen to them scream while I run around trying to get everything ready for us to leave the house. Of course my nerves are frazzled and I end up being short with Trelise which is not really fair.

I guess I need to be more organised and do alot more at night to ready myself for the next day.

On the plus side I was successful at making Trelise wear a jersey this morning! That's day number 2. I've been and brought her a whole lot of new creche gear. It's all pink so she will like it and it all has long sleeves (I like that!).


Jaime said...

I totally know the feeling of having screamers. I go through that same routine, myself. And I do find myself being short tempered with my older kids simply because I am frazzled with all the screaming. I am hoping the girls will be able to talk more and more and scream a little less. Until then, this is something I definitely need to work on. I don't really know what to tell you except, hang in there!:)

girlytwins said...

My girls still scream even thou they can fully communicate what they need. Does this stage end? :)

Good job in Trelise's warmer wardrobe.

Tracy said...

wow - I hear you on the screaming - it gets to me too. and not all of it is bad - a lot of time they are playing -but boy do my girls LOVE to scream - makes me want to join them sometimes.

Steph said...

Those angels Loud ... no way!!!! LOL

Connie said...

OMG!!! I am so having the same thing here!! I can't put the girls down anywhere or they just scream and cry. And then later I needed to take them out, they were TOTALLY happy, and I had to disturb them. And then I can't figure out what's wrong....and I try EVERYTHING, and NOTHING works. Except me sitting on the floor with them crawling all over me. This too shall pass. Right????

Stephanie said...

I have screamers/cryers too! They follow me and scream when I leave the room to get something else! I seem to end up on the floor - even in the middle of the kitchen. It makes them happy, because then they have a mountain to crawl over!